Headline: Sustainable Modes of Arctic Resource-driven Transformations


SMART hopes to contribute to the development of transformative pathways towards sustainable human-nature interactions in the Arctic and in the multi-faceted interplay between Arctic and non-Arctic regions. The SMART project is unique in its aim to (1) understand its research process as a tool-building, collaborative process with stakeholders to address societally relevant issues and (2) elucidate and disclose and elucidate the tightening connections between the Arctic and regional and global economic, technological, legal and political processes. The core questions addressed by SMART are:

  • How can transformations towards sustainability be envisioned, designed and implemented with the fair, transparent and informed participation of stakeholders?
  • What influences do Arctic stake- and rights-holders and shareholders from both within and outside the Arctic have, and how might they be affected in each of the plausible future scenarios?
  • What economic and political factors play a role in plausible scenarios for the economic, social and ecological development of the Arctic now and in the near future?
  • What factors determine the success or failure of stakeholder collaboration to develop and use scenarios for decision-making at multiple governance levels