Dr. Grischa Beier

Prof. Dr. Grischa Beier

Research Group Leader

Grischa Beier studied mechanical engineering at Technical University of Ilmenau (Germany), with semesters abroad in Russia (ITMO, St. Petersburg) and Brazil (UFSC, Florianopolis). In 2006 he joined Fraunhofer IPK as a research assistant, where he worked on a number of research and industry projects in the area of Virtual Product Creation. He obtained his PhD in engineering from TU Berlin in January 2014, with a distinction for his work on the usage of traceability data in systems engineering. Grischa Beier joined RIFS in September 2014 working on the project "Sustainability aspects of Industry 4.0". In 2017 he became the leader of the IASS research group on "Digitalisation and Impacts on Sustainability", which explores the effects of digitalisation on industrial sustainability, global value chains and international cooperation. Since mid-2018 he has also led the Junior Research Group ProMUT on digitalized Corporate Sustainability Management. In July 2023, he was appointed professor for Sustainability in Digitalisation at the University of Potsdam.