Headline: SHAPE Report on the second phase of the Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue, 4 - 8 April 2022

The international consortium project Sustainable Development Pathways achieving Human well-being while safeguarding the climate And Planet Earth (SHAPE) is co-developing a set of quantitative target-seeking scenarios, the Sustainable Development Pathways (SDPs). The SDP scenarios represent alternative pathways to achieve the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement on climate change. In this report, we summarise the results of the second multi-stakeholder workshop held virtually in the week of 4th - 8th April 2022 as part of a series of SHAPE dialogue events. The focus of the workshop was put on three SDP scenarios that are currently under development by the SHAPE consortium: SDP scenario “Economy-driven Innovation”: Market actors play a key role in driving transformation through deployment of technologies and market solutions; the focus is on an efficient market economy to maximise value-added in an economically globalised world. SDP scenario “Resilient Communities”: Networks of social actors (civil society, private sector and government actors) jointly drive transformation; the focus is on behaviours that support solidarity, well-being, social cohesion and green innovation. SDP scenario “Managing the Global Commons”: Governments drive transformation, enabled by strong statehood and effective institutions for multilateralism, and strong social globalisation based on universal human values. The focus is on efficacy in reaching global goal.

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Aguiar, A. P., Cornell, S., Cortes-Calderon, S., & Remy, M.(2022). SHAPE Report on the second phase of the Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue, 4 - 8 April 2022. Potsdam, Stockholm: Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC).

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Sustainable Development Pathways Achieving Human Well-being while Safeguarding the Climate And Planet Earth (SHAPE)