Headline: Monitoring der globalen Wasserstoffwirtschaft. Konzeptentwurf und Datenquellen

This report presents a framework for the systematic monitoring of the global hydrogen economy. It suggests data sources and indicators to systematically survey the most important trends and developments of a future global hydrogen economy. Monitoring based on this framework could provide an important knowledge base for the continuous review of policy measures related to the German and European hydrogen policy.

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RIFS Discussion Papers and RIFS Working Papers

Quitzow, R., Jahn, J., Marian, A., Blind, K., Cremonese, L., Mbungu, G. K., Neuner, F., Thielges, S., & Wietschel, M. (2022). Monitoring der globalen Wasserstoffwirtschaft. Konzeptentwurf und Datenquellen. IASS Discussion Paper, Februar 2022.

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Politics and Governance of the Global Energy Transition Scoping Study: Monitoring the Global Hydrogen Economy