Headline: Digitizing a sustainable future

Digital technologies have a crucial role in facilitating transitions toward a sustainable future. Yet there remain challenges to overcome and pitfalls to avoid. This Voices asks: how do we leverage the digital transformation to successfully support a sustainability transition?

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Reisch, L. A., Joppa, L., Howson, P., Gil, A., Alevizou, P., Michaelidou, N., Appiah-Campbell, R., Santarius, T., Köhler, S., Pizzol, M., Schweizer, P.-J., Srinivasan, D., Kaack, L. H., Donti, P. L., & Rolnick, D. (2021). Digitizing a sustainable future. One Earth, 4(6), 768-771. doi:10.1016/j.oneear.2021.05.012.

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Digitalisation and Impacts on Sustainability Systemic Risks