Headline: Principles of inclusivity in energy access. Processes that promote equity

In the energy access sector, local community members are often not given the opportunity to be heard and voice their concerns. Proper consultation and accommodation is infrequent, traditional or community knowledge is often not valued or used, and the benefits of the projects are inequitably distributed and communicated to the intended beneficiaries. This lack of inclusivity contributes to the creation of inefficiencies and inequities in energy access projects. We believe that the local community is the most important actor in energy access, and that all energy access stakeholders should move in the direction of creating a culture of inclusivity. This paper proposes a set of principles of inclusivity in the energy access sector. Our list is not exhaustive – it is a starting point for discussion, introspection, and building a culture of inclusivity.

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Mbungu, G. K., Francois, D. E., Parmentier, M. J., & Opal, A. (2020). Principles of inclusivity in energy access. Processes that promote equity. In A. Opal, & J. Nathwani (Eds.), Pathways To Sustainable And Inclusive Energy. Insights from the 2019 AE4H Innovation Lab (pp. 16-27). Waterloo, ON Canada [u.a.]: Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy [u.a.].

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