Headline: A Green New Deal for the Amazon: Reconciling Conservation and Development

Brazilian geographer Bertha Becker referred to the Amazon region as the oldest periphery of the capitalist world system. Its colonial occupation, or 'frontier economy', is based on the continuous incorporation of available land and the exploitation of their resources – both of which are regarded as infinite. This perspective on the Amazon has existed for centuries and continues to loom large in Brazil today. To meet its growing demand for raw materials, the outside world assumed the rainforest to be of little value, discounting the services that it provides to humankind. This view encourages the rainforest’s destruction and is not sustainable. A model for the sustainable development of the Amazon region is feasible however and could play an important role in Brazil's post-pandemic economic recovery efforts. This raises two questions: 1. What can be done to strengthen perspectives that acknowledge the intrinsic value of intact forested areas? 2. How can narratives that encompass new practices for green growth be strengthened?

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Sgambatti Monteiro, A., Marzano, K., & Rittl Filho, C. E. (2020). A Green New Deal for the Amazon: Reconciling Conservation and Development. IASS Blog, 03.11.2020.

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