Headline: Solar Radiation Management

Despite extensive efforts, greenhouse gases continue to be emitted in vastamounts, with potentially devastating consequences around the world. This iswhy targeted interventions in the climate system, known collectively as ‘climateengineering’, are receiving increased attention. Proposed approaches are oftendivided into two groups: those intended to remove carbon dioxide from theatmosphere and those intended to reduce the amount of solar energy that reachesthe Earth’s surface or is trapped in the atmosphere. There are some similaritiesbetween the two classes of activities, but they often raise different physical,political, and governance concerns. This series provides an introduction to eachset of approaches.

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RIFS Fact Sheets

Boettcher, M., Parker, A., Schäfer, S., Honegger, M., Low, S., & Lawrence, M. G. (2017). Solar Radiation Management. IASS Fact Sheet, 2017(2).

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