Headline: Conclusion: Governing the Arctic as a Globally Embedded Space

The chapter provides concluding thoughts on the governance of the Arctic as a globally embedded space as put forward in the Introduction and exemplified in the manifold contributions to this volume. In due consideration of the insights gained from the volume, the chapter specifically re-assesses three broader governance models that have been proposed recently to manage Arctic change: empowering the Arctic Council, solidifying a multi-level regime complex consisting of Arctic-specific and Arctic-relevant institutions, and negotiating an overarching regional agreement. The authors close by reflecting upon the imaginaries that each of these models entail for governing the ‘global Arctic’.

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Knecht, S., & Keil, K. (2017). Conclusion: Governing the Arctic as a Globally Embedded Space. In K. Keil, & S. Knecht (Eds.), Governing Arctic Change: Global Perspectives (pp. 301-310). Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan UK.

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Sustainable Modes of Arctic Resource-driven Transformations