Headline: Germany: Promoting an Energiewende Domestically and Globally

The German Energiewende – literally translated as “energy turnaround” – is an outstandingexample of a national effort to transform an energy system. Driven by publicopposition to nuclear energy, and by efforts to combat climate change, the Energiewendebuilds on a massive expansion of renewable energy as well as improvements inenergy efficiency. So far, efforts have focused on the electricity sector, while progressin the heating and transport sector has been very limited. In addition, Germany alsohas a long track record of promoting sustainable energy with its international energypolicies.

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Röhrkasten, S., & Steinbacher, K. (2016). Germany: Promoting an Energiewende Domestically and Globally. In Sustainable Energy in the G20: Prospects for a Global Energy Transition (pp. 51-56). Potsdam: Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS).

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