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Europe Is Not Making Sufficient Use of Its Hydrogen Potential

To reach climate neutrality, Europe’s industry will need large quantities of carbon-neutral hydrogen in the future. Many European countries, including Germany, are planning large investments to develop and ramp up the hydrogen industry needed for this. Within the HyPat research project, a new study by RIFS Potsdam, Fraunhofer ISI and the German Energy Agency (dena) makes five recommendations to the EU and the Member States.

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Climate policy

Strategic Framing, Financial Support and Capacity-Building Could Raise Climate Ambitions

The world’s technologically advanced countries have called for the adoption of a ‘green growth’ model of economic development in international climate negotiations. But advocacy alone will not motivate countries to protect the climate. Policymakers should highlight other benefits of climate action, such as for health and food security, researchers recommend in a new study.

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Energy Transition

Research Examines International Hydrogen Policies

As countries get to grips with their climate-neutrality targets, hydrogen has assumed a key role in transitions in energy and industry around the world. A new series of discussion papers published by the Research Institute for Sustainability (RIFS) provides a detailed analysis of hydrogen strategies and policies in different countries and regions.

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Energy transition

More Than Just Discussions: Research Focuses on Ariadne Project’s Deliberation Processes

Over close to three years, researchers with the Ariadne project have surveyed public opinion on the energy transition. Citizens' conferences, which included the first in-person discussions of the process, were complemented by two surveys. Experts from MCC Berlin and RIFS have now presented the findings of their research in a new analysis of the Ariadne citizen deliberation processes. Their results show that the majority of those surveyed are willing to back measures that will support Germany’s efforts to achieve climate neutrality. The research also reveals that citizens attach great importance to access to sustainable alternatives and affordable mobility as well as public participation and local value creation along the energy supply chain.

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Ariadne Analysis

Does One Size Really Fit All? How Regional Differences in Public Opinion Can Influence Climate Policy

The energy transition is a whole-of-society challenge. Politicians and officials in local government can benefit immensely from a clearer picture of public opinion on the ground when it comes to planning wind farm projects near communities or introducing speed limits or air quality measures. Researchers with the Ariadne project conducted two nationwide panel surveys to gauge approval of 26 climate protection measures at the regional level, revealing both geographic differences and shifts in public opinion over time.

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IASS Policy Brief

Fostering a Sustainable and Secure Energy Supply for Kenya

Kenya is a climate and renewable energy frontrunner in the sub-Saharan region. The country is committed to decarbonisation and currently aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 32 % by 2030, relative to the business-as-usual scenario. A new IASS Policy Brief examines key policy options to expand Kenya’s renewable energy capacities and improve energy access and security.

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