Headline: News 2011

IASS is ranked Best New Think Tank

<p>January 18, 2011. The report <b>The Global "Go-To Think Tanks" 2010</b> lists IASS as the<b> Best new Think Tank</b> established in the last 18 months. For the fourth time, the report published by the <a class="external-link-new-window" href="http://www.fpri.org/research/thinktanks/" target="_blank">Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program</a> at the International Relations Program, University of Pennsylvania, ranks Think Tanks around the world. 250 experts participated in the selection and ranking process.</p>

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IASS Annual Reception 2010

<p class="bodytext">On 20 December 2010 Executive Director <a class="internal-link" href="http://www.iass-potsdam.de/index.php?id=58">Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer</a> and Scientific Director<a class="internal-link" href="http://www.iass-potsdam.de/index.php?id=59"> Prof. Dr. Carlo Rubbia</a> invited to Potsdam to report about the activities of the first year of work and present the future research programme of the Institute. Guests from politics, science and industry came together to join the opening of the new offices in Helmholtzstrasse. </p>

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