Anonymous am 21.10.2020 - 18:28

Hello, I was just reading the blog entrance "“Socialising” energy models: It’s time to put social concerns in energy models" and I saw that I could get in touch with you if I would like to collaborate with you, whic is the case for me.

I am currently studying my last semester of the career "sustainable Development Engineering" in the Tec of Monterrey (ITESM) in Mexico City, and I want to specialize in the renewable energy sector, more specifically the integration of more schperes of Sustainable Development into the energy sector. With this being said, I would really like to collaborate with you in any way I can, in order to mature this amazing project you are building.

I think it is important to mention that I plan to move to Europe in February or March of 2021, and I will most likely spend most of my time in Karsruhe for now. Furthermore, I am seeking to study a mastr's degree in Sistainable Energy Systems, but -if I am accepted- it would start until September of 2021. The latter plan is not yet set in stone, so I am quite flexible.

Anyways, I hope to hear from you soon!


P.D. I also speak quite good German (I have a Goethe-Zertifiket C1 and I lived in Stuttgart for a year, in which I studied mostly in German).

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