Headline: Veranstaltungen in 2017

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Workshop: Risk perception and acceptability of human exposure to pesticides

Do the risks associated with pesticide use outweigh their benefits? In the emotionally charged public discourse around this issue, the answer to this question at times seems self-evident. Calls for “zero risk” abound – a goal that is unattainable, even where this complex and controversial topic is concerned. Experts from a range of disciplines discussed risk perception at a workshop in December 2017.

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The Body Politic: Human Being and Becoming in the Planetary Era

The Anthropocene presents us with the problem of all problems for a host of reasons:
- It was a colossal accident, a consequence of everyday life choices of billions of people.
- These choices are driven by an amalgamation of deeply rooted institutional, psychological and even biological forces.
- While the everyday actions of a few of us are far greater drivers than those of most us, but our lower-impact members are quickly adopting the habits of the affluent.

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Crisis and Futures of Democracy: A discussion with Charles Taylor and Patrizia Nanz

Modern Western democracy is undergoing a significant crisis. Public spheres and political communities are highly fractured. Right-wing populism is on the rise. Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor and German political scientist Patrizia Nanz will discuss the past, present, and future of the democratic subject, the ‘Homo Politicus’, and the shivering normative foundations of modern democracies. What institutional and social scenarios can be envisioned for the future?

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Symposium: Social Sustainability

The 2030 Agenda adopted by the UN in 2015 is the first such programme to systematically link social and ecological sustainable development goals (SDGs). And for the first time industrial nations are also called on to play their part in achieving the social SDGs.

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