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Conference session

Sharing and Caring: Arctic Indigenous Knowledges and Co-Creation

As the Arctic experiences accelerated climate change, new approaches are needed across the natural and social sciences and humanities. Collaborative and co-equal research approaches that respect the rights of Indigenous Peoples become central for effectively addressing the challenges unfolding at the intersection of science, policy, and decision-making. This session brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous speakers from Sápmi, Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland), Nunavut, and Germany who have been working on these matters for years, touching upon perspectives from across the Circumpolar North and Europe.

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Veranstaltungsreihe En Débat

Lokale Ernährungssysteme, globale Agrarmärkte: Perspektiven aus Deutschland und Frankreich

Lokale Ernährungssysteme können ein Katalysator für Nachhaltigkeitstransformationen vor Ort sein und einen Beitrag zur europäischen Ernährungsresilienz leisten. Welche Bedeutung haben lokale Ernährungssysteme in einem vom internationalen Wettbewerb geprägten Agrarmarkt? Wie ordnen sie sich in bestehende geopolitische Debatten zu Ernährungsresilienz und -souveränität ein? Wo können Deutschland und Frankreich voneinander lernen und gemeinsam Weichen stellen?

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EU Horizon project REAL DEAL

Democratising economic policymaking – Yes, we can!

The EU Horizon project REAL DEAL looks at citizen and stakeholder deliberation for the European Green Deal. One subtask focuses on the European Semester and economic policy, and we are experimenting with formats and approaches for citizen and stakeholder deliberation during the different phases of the European Semester cycle. The preliminary results of these experiments will be presented and discussed in the workshop session.

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